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Mentally Safe Minecraft Server

Welcome to CMHA Saskatchewan’s Minecraft Server!

This is a unique venture, totally new to our standard mental health programming. New, as of 2022, CMHA Sask. Division is introducing our very own, Mentally Safe Minecraft Server. This is a monitored game server for the popular game Minecraft. We have established a Discord for users to join and converse in.

To access this service you can visit:

Or use our QR code and be taken directly to our Discord server.

Here are some of the basics you’ll need to know regarding how to use this service.

This program is based around Peer Support in a virtual Group setting. We have helplines available in-game for those who would like to access services. We also offer special events and group mental health coaching in-game.

For More information please contact the program facilitators:

Etchu Besong
Youth Support Worker
Phone 306-525-5601 ext. 239
email [email protected]


Rebecca Rackow, BA (Hons.), BSW, RSW
Director of Advocacy, Research, and Public Policy Development
Phone 306-525-5601 ext 224
email [email protected]

Our Mentally Safe Minecraft Server is sponsored by:

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