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The 2024 Chase The Ace Fundraiser

Help support community programming at CMHA Saskatchewan Division

You’re not just purchasing a ticket, your helping to fund vital programs and services people access everyday to support their mental well-being. From educational programs, to support groups, to systems navigation and everything in-between, your $10 can make a big impact for someone looking to get help!

Here’s how it works:

20% of the pot goes straight to the lucky winner
of each draw!

30% keeps the jackpot growing week by week! Draw the Ace of Spades and the jackpot is yours!

And a whopping 50% goes towards supporting our vital charity work.

There are 7,500 tickets available, if all tickets sell there will be:

$15,000 Available for Weekly Winners

$22,500 in the Ace of Spades Jackpot

$37,500 for CMHA Programming

Draws are every Thursday at 2:30pm, from April 1st to December 12th, 2024.

SLGA Licence #LR23-0148

  • View Chase the Ace Rules

    The Canadian Mental Health Association (Sask Div) Chase the Ace Fundraiser 2024 RULES

      1. Tickets cost $10 each.
      2. 50% of the weeks’ sales go to CMHA (Sask Div).
      3. 30% of the weeks’ sales get added to the jackpot until the Ace of Spades is drawn.
      4. 20% of the weeks’ sales go to that weeks’ winner.
      5. Tickets are only sold in Saskatchewan, to residents of Saskatchewan.
      6. You MUST be 19 years of age and older to purchase tickets.
      7. Immediate family members of the employees of the CMHA (Sask Div) ARE allowed to purchase tickets.
      8. No employees of CMHA (Sask Div), or those who are directly involved with the draw will be allowed to purchase tickets.
      9. Tickets with more than 1 name on them will be paid out to the first name appearing on the ticket.
      10. There are 15,000 tickets printed= ($150,000).
      11. Maximum prize value $75,000.
      12. Direct sales and telephone sales are available to those who do not have access to online purchasing.
      13. Tickets will be sold each week (Direct Service) from Monday to Thursday (4 DAYS) from 10am – 2 pm (online purchases only during holiday Mondays) starting on April 1/2024 at the CMHA (Sask Div) office located at, 2702 12th Ave. Regina.
      14. When a statutory holiday lands on a Monday, ticket purchases can only be made on line as the office will be close to in person sales.
      15. Website purchases are processed online automatically and funds go directly into the lottery account. The charity is notified of payment and then the ticket is sent out manually. People can also purchase in person physically in the office or over the phone and payment is taken manually.
      16. End date is December 12, 2024 unless the ace is drawn before then.
      17. The draw will be made directly after the tickets sales close each Thursday at approximately 2:30 / 3 pm, once totals are figured out etc.
      18. Purchasers can come into the CMHA office @ 2702 12th ave, to purchase their tickets.
      19. Purchasers who can’t come in or use online services, can call into CMHA at 306-525-5601 and press 0 at the prompt. To purchase by credit card or etransfer. E-transfers will be done while on the phone with a representative to ensure payment.
      20. Purchasers can email [email protected] to order tickets and we will contact them to finalize sales by e-transfer or Credit Card. E-transfers will have to be done while on the phone with representative to ensure payment.CMHA Saskatchewan Division
        Chase the Ace | Rules
      21. Purchases can be made on-line, sales will STOP by 2pm on Thursdays to allow for the draw. Sales will resume on Monday morning @ 10am and run through to the following Thursday where they will be stopped again for the draw.
      22. Your ticket purchases will be sent to you via email, unless you have come into the office to purchase or called in to purchase.
      23. Winner DOES NOT have to be in attendance to win. However, it is the ticket holders responsibility to be by the phone number indicated on the ticket stub at the time the draw is made (as seen on ticket). We will call 3 times and wait 15 minutes for someone to call back if there is no answer, then another draw will be made.
      24. Should the ace of spades be drawn on the very first event, the winner will receive 50% of the sales and a new game will be started the following week.
      25. Winners will be given the chance to choose a number between 1 and 52 to try to get the ace. The cards will be in small numbered envelopes pinned to a board once the card is chosen it will be shown on video and taken out of the cards, then all of the cards will be revealed to ensure the ace of spades is in the deck.
      26. The weekly winner will get the chance to win the jackpot by choosing a card from the deck, if the Ace of Spades is revealed the winner will win the weekly 20% as well as the Jackpot, if the Ace of Spades is not drawn 30% of the proceeds will go into the growing jackpot for the following weeks draw.
      27. At the end of each weekly draw, and if the Ace of Spades is not drawn, the rest of the deck will be shown to prove that the Ace is still in the deck.
      28. There is no limit to the amount of tickets allowed to be purchased.
      29. There are no refunds to any purchases.
      30. There are no receipts given for any ticket purchases.
      31. This fundraiser will run for a duration of 8.5 months. If the Ace of Spades has not been drawn by December 12, 2024 we will continue to draw tickets until the Ace is revealed. The first ticket drawn on the last day of the event IS THE ONLY WINNER to win the 20% jackpot. If the ace is not drawn, then the draws will continue to be made until the ace is shown giving others a chance at the jackpot. The Jackpot will then be paid out and the event is closed until next year.
      32. Payouts will be paid by cheque and will be mailed out, unless the winner would like to be contacted to pick up the cheque when it is ready.
      33. Should the prize cheque be returned to the office OR the winner has not come in to pick up the prize, CMHA will hold the prize for a period of 1 year, if the prize is not claimed the prize shall be donated to a charity approved by SLGA.
      34. Should there be any questions or concerns regarding our CMHA (Sask Div) Chase the Ace fundraiser, please feel free to contact Vera Thompson, OR Stacey Mallett at 306-525-5601 and press 0 at the prompt or ext 232.

        Remember: For any player to have a chance to win each weekly draw and the progressive jackpot, they have to purchase tickets every week. Buying a ticket in any one week does not automatically enable the player to enter all future draws.

Purchase your tickets here 👇

Weekly Winners List

Week 1

Kurt Borgeson
$66 to the winner
$99 to the growing Jackpot

Week 2

Tracy Gnip
$68 to the winner
$201 to the growing Jackpot

Week 3

Janet Friesen
$46 to the winner
$270 to the Jackpot

Week 4

Landon VanEverdink
$30 to the winner
$315 to the Jackpot

Week 5

Perry Nyhus
$34 to the Winner
$366 to the Jackpot

Week 6

Marlene McKnight
$38 to the winner
$423 to the growing Jackpot.

Week 7

Janet Friesen
$40 to the winner
$483 to the Jackpot

Weeks 8/9

Denise Dick
$34 to the winner
$534 to the Jackpot

Weeks 10/11

Landon VanEverdink
$8 to the winner
$546 to the Jackpot

Week 12

Marcelle Waite
$20 to the Winner
$576 to the Jackpot

Weeks 13/14

Marcelle Waite
$22 to the Winner
$609 to the Jackpot

Weeks 15/16

Marcelle Waite
$10 to Winner
$624 to the Jackpot

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